Our Educational Program

Our curriculum at Kids Resort is based on everything that happens within our day including all the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development. Intentional teaching, interest-based learning and family input are three elements implemented into our curriculum.

Intentional teaching refers to educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions towards the curriculum. Intentional teaching reflects the understanding that children’s learning is greatly enhanced through interactions with more informed, experienced learners. From this knowledge our learning environments are rich in materials and interactions with increased opportunities for children to practice choosing, thinking, negotiating, problem solving and taking risks in partnership with educators.

Children’s ideas and interests are an important basis for curriculum decision-making. Educators use children’s interests as a starting point, in partnership with children educators convert the interest into an effective learning experience.

Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning. Based on this belief educators and families work in partnership when developing our curriculum. Families are seen as the child’s first and most influential educators. Family input provides us with knowledge on the child’s capabilities, culture, interests and developmental needs all of which become incorporated into our curriculum when this information is received from families.

We continually reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum by completing assessments of children’s progress against the learning outcomes of the educational program.