Our Enrolment Process

Join our waiting list

At Kids Resort we have an extensive waitlist and encourage families who are interested in attending our centre to place their child on the waiting list as soon as possible. Your online waiting list will be emailed across to us and we will enter your details into our system and we will contact families once we have a position available

Accepting a position

If you have been offered a position at Kids Resort, we will book in a time for you to come in for a tour and view our centre before confirming the position. During your tour you will be given the opportunity to walk through our centre and speak one on one with a member of our team. We encourage families to ask as many questions as they wish during these tours, so you have a better understanding of our centre and how we will support your family.


Once your position has been confirmed and a start date has been decided upon, orientation will be organized. We have five compulsory orientation sessions, these sessions offer the opportunity for families to feel comfortable within our centre and to commence building relationships with our team, including your child’s educators. These sessions are extremely beneficial for the children as it allows them the time to become familiar with our environment and educators, which will hopefully provide a smooth transition when commencing on their start date.

What to do in the meantime whilst waiting for a position

Follow us on social media to start to connect with our centre and develop an understanding on the day to day happenings at our centre. Through these social media channels, we share photos and videos of our environments and the learning and development that occurs through our educational program.