Our Philosophy

Values, Beliefs and Commitments to Children

  • We believe that every child is unique and we respect their individual learning pathways
  • Educators are responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interests and offer learning experiences that scaffold and build on children’s existing knowledge
  • As a community we are committed to providing children with learning environments that invite and promote them to be inquisitive and learn through play
  • Educators engage children in group work to develop a sense of belonging and develop dispositions for learning such as team work, collaboration and commitment
  • Educators value the relationships formed with children and offer nurturing care and aim to promote confidence in each child
  • We are committed to providing children with a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet, promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Educators are deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful through their teaching; and act as positive role models to all children
  • We advocate for children’s rights and ensure that each and every individual child is treated equally and offered the same opportunities whilst in our community

Values, Beliefs and Commitments to Families

  • All members of our community aim to form positive and trusting relationships with families, to allow them to develop confidence in our community that we will provide education and nurturing care to their children
  • We provide a welcoming and inviting place for families to feel at home and observe their children settling into their environments
  • We value the participation of families towards our educational program and events
  • We encourage families to share their culture with our community, to further our understanding and acceptance of diversity
  • We believe that families are children’s first and most influential educators and value their opinions on their child’s development

Values, Beliefs and Commitments to Educators

  • We value our educators knowledge in early childhood education and promote and encourage continual professional development
  • We are committed to providing an environment for educators that they feel a sense of belonging to and feel a sense of enjoyment when within our community
  • We aim to ensure all educator arrangements met the national regulations in regards to child to educator ratios
  • We believe that even as educators there is an opportunity to continually grow, learn and develop. Our educators are encouraged and provided with the opportunity to up skill their qualifications.

Values, Beliefs and Commitments to the Educational Program

  • Our educational program includes learning experiences that evolve from children’s interest that educators scaffold into intentional teaching experiences. As well as educators planning deliberate and purposeful learning experiences for the children to engage with
  • Learning experiences are play based, allowing the children to express their uniqueness and enhance dispositions for learning
  • We value children as active participants and involve them in decision making to further their learning and respect the children’s sense of agency and capacity to be involved
  • Our curriculum is continually evolving as it incorporates everything that we do on a daily occurrence, our interactions, experiences, routines and events planned and unplanned
  • We aim to take a holistic approach towards teaching and recognize the connectedness of mind, body and spirit.

Values, Beliefs and Commitments to the Environment

  • Our community values our architect designed facility and aims to keep our surroundings well maintained and manicured
  • We value the outdoor environment as an educator to the children, this environment encourages the children to explore and experiment with nature
  • We are committed to teaching the children about the environment how they too can help care for the environment, through this we aim to embed sustainable practices throughout our community.