Our Story

Our doors opened on 1st September 2008 and what an amazing journey it has been so far! We are a privately owned business, run by a local family. Antoinette (Our Director) and her two daughters, Nicole (Our Service Operations Manager & Head Chef) and Ashley (Our Educational Leader) had no previous experience in early childhood education when Antoinette decided to take on the challenge of running Kids Resort. We have grown over the years and continue to grow through continuous professional learning and development.

We owe a lot of our success to our team of educators that have been apart of our centre from the day we opened our doors. We have learnt from one another and have grown together over the years. Our team of educators have helped create our reputation in the local community by building beautiful caring and loving relationships with the families at our centre. It warms our hearts seeing children walk in and run to their educators with massive smiles on their faces. Antoinette's aim back when our doors opened in 2008 was to create a home away from home for all children, we feel a sense of pride when see this aim and vision coming to life through the happiness that children have when they are at Kids Resort. 

What makes us different, well we are never going to settle, we have such high ambitions for Kids Resort and we are committed to providing children in our community with the best possible early learning opportunities. Due to us wanting to provide the absolute best learning environment for children, another point of difference is that we operate above ratio, this allows for more educator and child interactions and more eyes to supervise our very busy learners as they explore our indoor and outdoor learning environments. Our most significant point of difference is that Antoinette, Nicole and Ashley are actively working at Kids Resort every day, we are here to make every family & educator feel welcome and apart of our community. We are here to follow and celebrate each child's early learning journey and what a privilege it is to be apart of this. 

Here is to many more years of learning and growing as a community, together great things will be achieved!