Our Rooms

We have seven rooms at Kids Resort, one of these rooms is our 4-year-old government funded kindergarten, our other six rooms are for children aged 0-4 years old. We created our room names using the word resort as an acronym  and each name has a connection to our philosophy and how we view children. 

Our room names are:

Researchers Room

Explorers Room

Scientists Room

Observers Room

Role Models Room

Theorists Room

The way we structure our rooms is a little different to other early learning settings but our structure works so well for our setting. The Researchers, Explorers and Scientists rooms are our mixed age rooms, these rooms educate and care for children aged 0-3 years old. Although the idea of having children 0-3 years old together might be daunting for some, this structure works so well. We see the older children displaying a caring nature towards the younger children and we see them taking on a teaching role as the younger children watch and look up to them. The younger children love watching the older ones in the room and they are seen trying to take on new challenges as they see their peers doing so. This structure also benefits our educators has they have more time to engage with children in learning experiences as they are not constantly fulfilling routine aspects of the day as the children are of different ages and have different routines allowing these duties to be spread out throughout the day.

The Observers, Role Models and Theorists rooms are our 3-4 year old rooms (pre-kinder) all children in these rooms are eligible to attend our 4 year-old government funded kindergarten the following year. Those children who have the option to be an early starter in kinder can either move forward into kinder the following year, or parents can choose for their child to have another year in one of our 3-4 year old rooms. 

In the gallery below are our room name descriptions, explaining each name that we chose and why.