Our 4 year-old Kindergarten

We operate a government funded kindergarten within our long day care service. Throughout children’s time within our kindergarten program they are given the opportunity to grow and develop skills to prepare them to enter primary school.

Our kindergarten curriculum is based on the children’s interests; our teaching team connects with these interests and extends upon them to create learning opportunities. Our curriculum also includes intentional teaching, these are learning experiences that our teaching team believe will be beneficial to the children to explore to further develop their knowledge and skills.

As part of our school readiness program we include the following within our kindergarten curriculum:

  • Letterland – this is a phonics program that is used to teach the children early literacy skills
  • Book Library – this is introduced in Term 3, the children are encouraged to take home readers to share with their families to encourage children to develop the skills to read sight words.
  • Show & tell - We operate show & tell each day to encourage the children to develop the confidence to talk amongst a group and share their ideas and voice their opinion.
  • Lunch Boxes – In Term 4 the children are encouraged to bring their lunch box into kinder to prepare them for the transition to school where they will need to provide their own meals.
  • Letter writing – In Term 4 we introduce a post box to the kinder room, this encourages children and families to write letters. This experience extends upon the children literacy development and also their self-confidence when receiving letters from loved ones.

Our kindergarten teaching team includes bachelor qualified early years teachers, diploma and certificate III educators in early years education and care. Together as a team they implement the Kindergarten curriculum and create an outstanding year of learning for the children preparing them to transition to primary school.